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Posted by Paulie Danger on October 9, 2006

Backstory: A few years ago I had a chance to go to Ireland to do some research on my roots. When I came home I found the Irish National Baseball website. Yeah, the country known for the Gaelic Games had a national baseball team. Their coach told me that in 2004 they were playing at about a middle of the road college level. Which is pretty good ball considering the island’s only had the sport about a decade at that point. I’m still trying to decipher the European baseball hierarchy. It’s much easier in Rugby, there’s the All Blacks and then there’s everybody else. (Yes, I know the ‘Boks, Wallabies, Irish, Scotts and English are all top-tier teams.) But the Irish are start to compete with some of the better teams. The baseball movement on the island is growing.

Fast forward two years. I start hearing about a movie about the Irish team. And I found it. John Fitzgerald (credits include PA work on NYPD, Kinsey, and Ladder 49) produced, directed and wrote a feature length documentary called The Emerald Diamond, the story of the Irish National baseball team.

John, thank you for making this movie.


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