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Don’t Screw Rivals.com

Posted by Paulie Danger on October 11, 2006

About two dozen page views later, I got an email from Bobby Burton at Rivals.  Seems it’s really not their fault, and they spent some time fixing the problem.

But so help me god, if I ever see an ad like that, I’m going to eat somebody’s children.

Sike.  Good job, Rivals.


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Screw Rivals.com

Posted by Paulie Danger on October 11, 2006

I was trying to read an article on “some of the best high school players in the Pacific Northwest”. Instead I got this:

(Click for fullscreen)
The majority of the page is full of a “Registry Cleaner Recommended”.

 In a six point, grey font at the bottom of this window is the text “All information in this advertisement…”  I just want to go on record as saying this kind of advertising is scummy.  It’s the worst kind because it preys on less knowledgeable computer and web users.  And since their web design team sucks at their job, the advertisement is covered by yet ANOTHER ad for a Visa card, and since it’s not an HTML page, but probably a Flash thing, there’s no way to close the window, so I can’t even read the article I went to the site to read!

Good job, Rivals.  You lost a reader.

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Welcome to Diamond Vision

Posted by Paulie Danger on October 8, 2006

I’ve noticed that there is a distinct lack of quality blogs covering non-Major League Baseball. So this site will endeavour to fill that void. As a baseball fan that still remembers The Strike, I’ve made it my mission to find quality baseball elsewhere. I think I’ve been to less than ten major league games since the strike year, but since then I have become a fan of minor league, independent, collegiate and international forms of the game.

Obviously, there isn’t much here, right now. But I’d like to leave you with something that I hope becomes a regular feature on DV. Until we get a name, call it the YouTube of the Day.

Danny Batista in Japan

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